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Botanical Wallpaper Borders
Our Botanical Wallpaper Border gallery displays the enduring beauty of the natural world around us. a Botanical Wallpaper Border typically displays the artful use of things found in nature to produce a wonderful decorating theme to your home. goes great with our Floral designs.
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Swag Pine Cones. Pine cones attached to a peg board with bottom sculptured.
Olive Branches. Branches full of black olives run through this border on a beige background. Edges are dark green.
Classic Ivy Ivy and vine going through border on a white background.
Birds & Leaves. An elegant depiction of birds & leaves in shaped blocks of brown, beige, charcoal & taupe. Trim is brown.
Ferns. A variety of ferns, leaves in shades of green beige and black on a dark red background.
Metallic Leaves. Imprints of a variety of leaves on a mauve green & bronze background. Green ivy runs along bottom with same color scroll design across top. Bottom is die cut
Simply Leaves. Green leaves on a dark beige background. Light green stripes run along top and bottom of border.
Dogwood Trees. Dogwood tree in bloom on a beige background with faded black trim. Border has a watercolor effect.
Light Reflective Leaves. Shades of bronze, teal and gold. Scroll and stripe at top. Top edge is dark silver. All light reflective. Bottom is sculptured
Contemporary Botanical. Multi colored leaves on a background of slate and reflective gold. Gold trim
Floral Collage. a beautiful collage of flowers with red trim.
Botanical Leaves. A variety of leaves in sage green and lavender on a beige background.
Collage of Trees. pictures of various trees with there seeds and leaves. This border is sculpted at the top and bottom
Adirondack Pine Cones. Multi color botanical border with pine cones. Red trim.
Herbs in Tins. Herbs in old colorful cans and tins. Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Sage and Oregano. Brown Trim
Contemporary shades of red with gold leaves in gold frames. Gold Trim.
Greek motif with Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, butterflies and letters of affection. Light reflective gold trim.
Skeletal Tree Leaves. An assortment of leaves from chestnut, oak, maple and red cherry trees. Sponged green trim.
Vines with green and lavender leaves. Light green trim.
Ivy on Beige with a Burgundy Scroll Trim
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