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Fruit Wallpaper Borders
Our Fruit and Vegetable Wallpaper Borders Gallery has designs perfect for any Kitchen. We have a large variety of Fruit Wallpaper Border and Vegetable Wallpaper Border all at discount prices.
Click on any graphic for full details.

Farmers Market. An array of fruit and vegetable signs. Top and bottom edges are die cut.
Bowls of fruit. Baskets and bowls of fruit fill the shelf with a pitcher napkins and boxes. Top edge is wood with a blue background and die cut bottom edge.
Vintage Seed Packets. Cherry, grape, pear and strawberry seed packets on green with bottom edge die cut.
Red and yellow apples. Top edge is wood while bottom edge is die cut. Background is blue with red and yellow apples
Red Apples. A weathered shelf full of red apples. Beige background with burgundy edges.
Hanging Fruit. Apples and berries hanging against a pale yellow background. Top edge is slate blue.
Concord Grapes. Clusters of grapes and grape vines flowing throughout this border, background is off white. Grapes are purple leaves are several shades of green.
Fruit Border. Grapes and plums trail on a stone wall. Top edge is green and brown, bottom edge is die cut.
Blue Basket Border. Combination of grapes and roses in baskets. Top edge is slate blue, bottom edge is die cut.
Summer Flowers & Fruit. Containers holding beautiful summer flowers with in season fruit rests on a blue shelf. Background has shades of beige.
Sculptured Apples. Red and Yellow apples on a red background. Top edge is weathered wood, bottom is sculptured.
Delicious apples with stars and vines. Light beige background with dark beige speckles. Dark blue trim.
Chili Peppers. A bunch of hot red chili peppers on a navy blue background. Green and yellow weave trim.
Apples in baskets with a coal oil lamp-Butterscotch
Hot peppers
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